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Group 0+ /1 /2 /3

0-36 kg

0-12 years

For the comfort of the parent and the child, the manufacturer BABYAUTO has equipped the VOLTA car seat with a 360 ° rotation system.
We recommend that the child safety seat weighs up to 13 kg in the rear-facing direction so that the car seat is in a comfortable and safe position. Later, it is possible to change the position of the chair in the direction of travel with just one hand movement, turning the chair 180 degrees.

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The VOLTA car seat is manufactured by the Babyauto Group, a company based in Spain. Babyauto is over 57 years specializing in child restraint systems. The main goal of the car seat manufacturer is to provide us products that ensure the perfect balance between safety and comfort for your children when traveling by car.


VOLTA car seat covers all growing satges: from group 0+ to group 3. The seat is comfortable and ergonomic for both a newborn and a 12-year-old child. The car seat meets the needs of all age groups (group 0+ / 1/2/3)


The 360-degree rotating VOLTA car seat makes it easier to secure the child in the seat. The seat can be turned towards the door with a light hand movement to take the child in or out and then turn in either the forward or rearward direction. The rotation of the chair is smooth and the desired positions are fixed.

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The car seat allows the headrest and seat belts to be adjusted with one light hand movement, adapting to the child’s growth. The 4 sleeping positions provide perfect comfort for the child during the trip. Comfortable sleeping position in both directions.

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The VOLTA car seat has been designed with attention to detail, including fabric quality. The chair cover is made of toxin-free fabrics and is breathable. The seat cover is removable and washable at 30 ° C. The seat belts are secured in place by the non-slip details added under the seat belt padding. A special position for the baby is provided by a special padded baby contents that can be easily removed as the baby grows older.


Isofix attachments ensure safe installation of the chair. The Top Tether anchorage is an additional seat belt mounted on the car seat that attaches to the hook behind the car seat as an anchor. This ensures the stability of the chair and prevents it from moving forward in the event of an accident.

The VOLTA car seat is easy to install in the car with both the isofix and the car seat belt, in both directions.

  • Group 0 , 0–13 kg, back direction. To ensure greater safety for your baby, it is recommended that the seat be fitted with an isofix and an additional Top Tether seat belt behind the car seat. The car seat can also only be fastened with a car seat belt.
  • Group 1-2 , 9-25 kg, back or face facing position. The car seat is fitted to the car with an isofix and a vehicle seat belt, then the child is secured to the seat with seat belts. In this group, the chair is used from about one year to about 7 years of age. The car seat can only be fastened to the car seat with a seat belt.
  • Group 2-3 , 15-36 kg, face facing position. The car seat is fitted to the car with an isofix and a vehicle seat belt or only with a car seat belt. From 4. years of age the seatbelt harness is no longer used. The child is secured with a car seat belt. In this group, the chair is used for about 4 years to about 12 years of age.

Important: It is recommended to place the seat in group 0 facing rearwards and in the forward direction of groups 1,2 and 3.



High safety and compliance with ECE Regulation R44 / 04.







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