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Grupp 0 + /1/ 2 /3

40-150 cm

0-36 kg

0-12 years

XPERTA is the iSize car seat that will accompany your baby from birth to 12 years of age.

Comfortable for your baby and also for you thanks to its rotation system, which will allow you to turn the seat towards the door and place your little one in an easier and more comfortable way.




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The XPERTA car seat is designed according to the newer I-Size standard, which classifies car seats according to the child’s height. This reduces the likelihood of parents making the wrong choice and, above all, means greater security for our children. The car seat is equipped with Memory foam padding so that the little ones can enjoy long naps while traveling. Ease of use is especially important for parents. The design of the Xperta chair makes life easier for mothers and fathers. Install the chair in the vehicle and forget about worries.



The XPERTA car seat is very easy to attach to the child, as the seat can be turned towards the door for a comfortable child seat. The seat can be used for a child up to 18 kg in the rear-facing direction (group 0 + / 1) and then the chair can only be changed in one-way direction without re-fitting the seat


The car seat can be used for a child weighing up to 36 kg from birth (group 0+ 1 2 3), the chair is ergonomic and comfortable for both a newborn and a 12-year-old child. With the head restraint and seat belt adjustment position and 4 reclining positions, the seat adapts perfectly to the child’s height.



This chair has a system on both sides that absorbs part of the impact in the event of a side impact. The Isofix anchorage system significantly reduces seat mounting errors compared to a vehicle seat belt. Isofix attachments make it easier for adults to install and also provide greater protection for the child, avoiding possible installation errors. The Top Tether is a restraint system that prevents the seat from moving forward in the event of a collision.



The cover fabric is washable and removable. All baby car seats are designed to allow children to travel as comfortably as possible, adding cushioning to delicate body areas and using non-toxic textiles. The baby contents of the XPERTA car seat have been made particularly comfortable thanks to the Mem0ry foam padding, which supports the child in its own shape.



Kaal 15 kg
Mõõtmed 55 × 46 × 61 cm


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