Functional and comfortable, but above all safe

The attractiveness of our car seats would be useless if they did not guarantee the safety of our little ones. That’s why our products include new technologies such as Isofix, side impact protection, etc., which make our car seats increasingly safe. In addition, we want to ensure that children travel in the most comfortable way, using padding on delicate parts of the body and only toxic-free covers.

Responsible Security

We believe that security must be accessible to all. We are responsible and develop our products so that most families can travel safely with their children without worrying about price.

Security technology of Babyauto Group's products

Isofix connection system

When comparing the attachment of a child safety seat with a car seat belt or an isofix anchorage, the isofix anchorage system significantly reduces the errors that can occur when installing a seat. The installation of an Isofix car seat in the vehicle is easy and convenient for the parent, as it helps to avoid installation errors, thus also increasing the safety of the child.

Top Tether or anchor fastening system

With the introduction of the car seat rotation mechanism, many chairs have been fitted with an anchor system or top tether to ensure that the seat can move forward in any emergency. An anchor system is also required for car seats that do not have a support leg, as there is no space in each vehicle to use a support leg.

Side protection

Increasing attention is being paid to side protection, as this feature of the safety equipment is crucial for the protection of the child in an emergency. That’s why all of our newer models have reinforced sides of the backrest and headrest to absorb the energy of a side impact, protecting the baby’s body and the most delicate areas of the head.

I-size system

The latest regulation approved by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe is R129, also known as the i-size, which requires a mandatory 15-month extension of the forward-facing position and no longer classifies car seats according to the child’s height. Babyauto Group supports this new regulation as a significant step forward in improving child safety on the road. We are currently developing new systems that meet the guidelines in the i-Size regulations.